Fuels of the future


VALIANT d.o.o. is a trading company with the seat in Ljubljana. Main activity of the company is trading with biodiesel, vegetable oils, used cooking oils, and crude oil products, among which are the most important bitumen, LPG, gas oil and fuel oils.

Valiant's business is growing constantly in terms of volumes as well as in terms of areas covered. Valiant is present in all EU and non EU countries in central and south east region on purchase and sales side.

We are positioned on the border of EU and non EU countries. This fact lead us to various supply sources and selling markets such as East Balkan area, which gives us advantage in conecting different sources and markets together.

    Vegetable oils

    Valiant is developing new sources for supply of biodiesel plants.


    As the use of biodiesel grows, Valiant is developing close relationships with various new producers with good logistic and advanced technology.


    We are second biggest supplier of bitumen in Slovenia and important player in region of Balkan and neighbouring countries.